• Being an expat is lonely.
    Every Halloween, I don an eccentric costume and attend a friend’s party or bar hop. I’ve been a sushi, an Incredible character, a dryer machine, and other random objects that entice chuckles from strangers. This year in Singapore, I grabbed lunch with […]
  • 5 Tips On Getting a Tech Job in Singapore
    Back in San Francisco, I worked at Booking.com, Google, and OmniSci (a startup). In Singapore, I work in digital media, working closely in the venture capital and startup scene in SEA. Not surprisingly, many of my friends here work at Facebook, Google, […]
  • Emily Fang, that’s me.
    I grew up in the beach burbs of LA and left for San Francisco for college and worked in tech, and just got too comfortable. After throwing myself out of a plane skydiving in New Zealand, I realized I needed change. I […]