Author: emilyfang

Being an expat is lonely.

Every Halloween, I don an eccentric costume and attend a friend’s party or bar hop. I’ve been a sushi, an Incredible character, a dryer machine, and other random objects that entice chuckles from strangers. This year in Singapore, I grabbed lunch with a couple of friends and spent my Halloween night lying on the couch […]

5 Tips On Getting a Tech Job in Singapore

Back in San Francisco, I worked at, Google, and OmniSci (a startup). In Singapore, I work in digital media, working closely in the venture capital and startup scene in SEA. Not surprisingly, many of my friends here work at Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Gojek, Twitter, or are starting their own startups here. Since I’m still […]

Emily Fang, that’s me.

I grew up in the beach burbs of LA and left for San Francisco for college and worked in tech, and just got too comfortable. After throwing myself out of a plane skydiving in New Zealand, I realized I needed change. I quit my cushy startup job and decided to embark on my journey to […]