Hi, I’m Emily Fang. A community builder, a content creator, and an expat in Singapore.

My Message

I am a Community Builder from the San Francisco tech startup space. After throwing myself out of a plane skydiving in New Zealand, I realized I needed change. I quit my job and decided to embark on my journey to Singapore. As someone who’s been in a never-ending existential crisis, I decided to take more calculated risks, be intentional with my choices, live a life I really wanted, and produce content that is meaningful and useful for others. I write, I vlog, and I want to inspire people from all around the world to live a more authentic life.

Asian Female Lead Podcast

I’m the Host of this newly launched podcast. I interview and share the wins of Asian female leads globally.

Asian Female Nomads

I’m the Co-Founder of Asian Female Nomads, a community built to provide resources and inspire female asians who are “nomadic.”

My Medium writings

I write content on learning, becoming better, and other ideas worth spreading.

The Fang Girl Channel

Watch my tech, career, and travel videos in Asia on YouTube.

Let’s Work Together

Bravery is the solution to regret.

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